How Did Jurgen Klopp Make Liverpool Exceptional?

By | May 2, 2022
Before Klopp’s era, Liverpool was in a mess, the fans lost their expectations and everyone believed that it will be almost impossible to resuscitate Liverpool. This is where Germany’s Jurgen Klopp came in, the man known for improving the small or ruined clubs. He once saved a club from relegation and earned them a spot in the qualifying round. When Klopp came to Borussia Dortmund, they were scattered and messed up club but under his reign, they won the League, and other German domestic trophies, they also reached the final of the UEFA Champions League. He was an admirer of the “gegenpressing” making his players press as quickly as possible when they lose the ball instead of going back and defending the counterattack. There are predominantly two types of coaches, those who love possession-based football and those who love attacking based football and Klopp is the latter.
His playing style is offensive and his team always have scored many goals. He always equips his team with pacey wingers in like Sadio Mane or Moh Salah. But his biggest asset is his meticulously recruited wing backs, for instance, Trent Alexander Anold and Andy Robertson. A bigger percentage of Liverpool goals originate from these two players.
Liverpool FC has been wreaking the havoc in Europe for quite some time now. Klopp’s boys are unstoppable and all of them are playing exceptionally well. Jurgen Klopp took over Liverpool in 2015 and announced that he will turn the “doubters into believers” and that he will win them a title in the next four seasons. His first year wasn’t great on papers but improvements could be seen as well as hope. In his first season, he took the team to the final of UEFA Europa League, although he lost the final to Sevilla, there was little improvement with that unbalanced inherited squad. This made the eyes of Liverpool fans sparkle.
In the next season, he did an even better job and continued his journey, with every passing year the fans started loving him. They had confidence in Klopp and started believing he was the man that will resurge the Liverpool. In the 2017/18 season, Liverpool had a great chance of winning the UCL but Real Madrid got in their way, they also finished the league at 4th position. This did not deter the German boss, he instead reinforced his team with even better players. In the following transfer windows he signed good player such as Roma’s Alisson.
. During 2018/19 season they lost the league to Man City by just a single point but did the impossible in UCL against FC Barcelona. They did a historic comeback from 3-0 down to beat them 4-0 up in the Anfield, this sent shockwaves all around the world. They went on to win their first UCL since the year 2005, Klopp had officially declared the resurgence of The Reds. In the next year, they went with an even better and fiercer approach; they fought toe to toe with Pep’s city and eventually won the most awaited EPL in 30 years – since 1990.
Now he has completed the dreams of every Liverpool fan. Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mohammad Salah were the names of the few players that brought back the glory days of Liverpool. Other prudently recruited players include Van Dijk, Thiago and Jota, just to name a few. He has definitely made Liverpool a tough side. Recently he signed a contract extension that will keep him at Anfield till 2026. Jurgen Klopp is here to stay and Liverpool will keep attacking the throne of Europe.

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